Robotic Prostatectomy with the NeuroSAFE



This technique was developed at the Martini Klinic in Hamburg, Mr Adshead has brought this technique to The Herts and Beds Urological Cancer Centre based at the Lister Hospital.

So far Lister is the only UK unit to offer this on the table frozen section while the patient is still asleep.

This allows our expert pathology team to check that the margin is clear when we are peeling the delicate nerves away from the capsule of the prostate.

One of the problems with nerve sparing is that it gets very close to the capsule of the prostate increasing the risk of a positive margin and further treatment requirement.

Mr Adshead's results have recently been audited and presented at international meetings and 78% of men who have normal erections will get their sexual function back sufficient for intercourse if a bilateral nerve spare is performed.

Encouragingly, if the margin is positive and one of the nerve bundles has to be removed still 70% of men are getting erections sufficient for intercourse despite losing one side for cancer safety.

Mr Adshead has been involved in over 1000 radical prostatectomies now and can tell you your precise chance of regaining your erections and continence based on his results.